Finance Lab


Educational space about personal finance management for young people.




Client: Swedbank

Architects: Processoffice

Designers: Vilija Biekšaitė, Tomas Umbrasas

Photography: Norbert Tukaj

Finance Lab: 107

>> Resources << Introduction to basics of economics – how scarcity of main resources (natural resources, time and space) induces technological development and fuels economical thinking.

Finance Lab: Resources

Sand box with projected interactive graphics complement the theme. User has to balance limited resource of sand and build three piles for needs, wants and cans.

Finance Lab: Sand box

Finance Lab: 110

>> Barter << Introducing barter and presenting history of money in a interactive illustrated and fun exchange game.

Finance Lab: Barter

The theme also extends to the physical custom made barter game.

Finance Lab: Table game

Finance Lab: 113

>> Personal Finance << The theme is presented in four screens which help to understand and manage personal finances better. These are based on mini games and interactive infographics.

Finance Lab: Personal Finance

Income and costs are well presented in illustrated vertical drawers, giving detailed descriptions about all parts of personal finance.

Finance Lab: "Drawers"

>> Career << orientation is presented in an interactive job interview.

Finance Lab: Career

Finance Lab: 117